Thursday, 20 December 2007


We created a lovely winter scene in our classroom.

We made robin redbreasts to sit in the tree.

We made snowflakes to fall from the sky because we know that it gets much colder in winter and sometimes it snows.........brrrrrrrr

Our snowflakes are all unique with different patterns and designs.

You will never see two snowflakes the same as they are all different and special

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas snowmen!!!!!!!!!!

We made lovely christmas snowmen!!!

If you would like to make them at home, heres how we created them!!!!

First we got a sock. We put in a handful of sand at the bottom to balance our snowmen. Then we filled them with cotton wool.

Then tied two knots to make his head body and hat.

Next we tied on the snowmans scarf and folded his hat.

Then we decorated him with glitter glue to make his buttons, eyes nose and smile!!!

They look really well now that they are finished. We are dying to take them home, they make a perfect christmas decoration!!

Our christmas bells!!

We made sparkly christmas bells. First we collected yoghurt pots. Then we sanded them with sandpaper so the glitter would stick. We put on PVA glue. Then we coated them with glitter. We added a lovely christmas ribbon to the top so they can hang on our christmas tree. They will shine and twinkle in the fairy lights!!!


We did experiments using electricity. We learned that batteries store electricity. We lit up a light bulb using only one wire and a battery!!we were all amazed!!

Then in our groups we explored how to make a simple circuit using two wires, a bulb, a battery,, a batttery holder and a bulb holder. We saw that if you broke the circuit the bulb would not light up!! Next we made a switch, out of a paperclip,so we could turn our bulbs on and off. When the switch is on we have a full circuit so the bulb lights. When the switch is off the circuit is broken and the bulb will not light!!

We had lot of fun with electricity!!it was very interesting!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The bookfair.

The bookfair came to our school on the 4th- 8th of December. We saw lots of lovely books. We love to read in our class.
As part of the book fair, we had a visit from the storyteller. She told us some wonderful stories about giants, and jungles and wonderful places. We heard some ancient Irish stories as well. We even got to make the sound effects for one of the stories!!
We had a great time!!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

The pet farm

The pet farm came to our school on the 9th of November. We saw lots of different animals. We mat Jasmine the duck, Chloe the goose, Babe the pig, Dolly the sheep, Rosie the donkey and Rodger the rabbit. We got to pet some of the animals. We saw Rosie's smile. We hope our teeth never look like that!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Our bridges

We looked at different types of bridges like arched bridges and suspension bridges. We saw what supported them.

Then we designed our own bridges. We experimented with different designs to see which was strongest. We used counters, paper, blocks and crayons to design the bridge that could hold the most weight.We discovered that the arched bridge held the most counters.