Thursday, 19 November 2015

Space and Rockets Open Day!

Our class was invited to a Space and Rockets Open Day in Room 9 today.
We had so much fun learning about the space and the solar system.

We were very lucky to see the rocket launch. 
We got to countdown from 10 to blast off and it was so exciting.
They launched a balloon rocket straight across their classroom.

Next they launched three fizzy rockets that shot straight up to the ceiling!
We are looking forward to trying out some of these experiments in our own classroom!
Thanks to all the children in Ms. McLoughlins class for all the lovely ideas and a very thrilling morning!!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Winter woolies!

We are learning all about winter and how to stay warm when it is cold.
Teacher brought in a big bag of clothes today and we helped her to sort them into two piles, summer clothes and winter clothes.
In winter we wear warm clothes like gloves, scarves, mittens hats and boots.
We learned that wool comes from a sheep. We looked at what happens to sheep wool before it can be made into a warm winter jumper or hat.
Then we made our own woolly hats.

We designed our own patterns and painted them before adding some cotton wool to make them look fluffy and warm!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween Fancy dress!!

We all dressed up in our favourite costumes for school today!

Look at us!!

The Witches Walk!

Today we had a fun and spooky morning!!
We all dressed up in our favourite costumes to take part in the Witches Walk.

All the boys and girl in the entire Junior School dressed up and joined together to walk around the local community.
It is a lot of fun to see all the children and teachers dressed up!

Our parents came to see us along the way and we loved smiling and waving at all the familiar faces!
We had lots of fun in class practising our scary faces!!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pumpkin fun!!!!

It is coming up to Halloween and we are learning about pumpkins!
We thought that pumpkins were usually orange, but today we looked at some very unusual pumpkins.

They were red, grey, yellow, orange, green and white.
Some were smooth, some were rough, some were spiky and others were very, very bumpy!
We had a lot of fun looking at and feeling the unusual pumpkins.

We sorted the pumpkins into different groups according to their colour.

We were able to act out our "Five Little Pumpkins" song using real pumpkins.
We had so much fun counting the pumpkins and singing our favourite Halloween song!

Our class love pumpkins so much that we decided to make our very own pumpkin patch in our classroom.
We used different shades of orange to paint a paper plate. Then we used our cutting skills to cut out two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a stalk for the top of the pumpkin.

Learning about pumpkins is so much fun!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2015


It is autumn.
Our class love watching the autumn leaves changing colours and falling to the ground.
We learned a lovely song about how autumn leaves turn red and yellow, orange and brown.
Afterwards we made beautiful tree trunks using our handprints.
Then we used our fingertips to print the autumn leaves falling from the trees.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hip Hop Dancing!

Today we went to HipHop Dance class in the local community centre.
We love to dance and keep our bodies active.
We had so much fun dancing to some of our favourite songs!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Planting onions!

Today we went to visit the school garden.
The gardener was there to show us around and point out all the different plants.
The gardener asked if we could help her with the very important job of planting onions.
We listened carefully when she showed us how to plant an onion bulb just right in the soil.


We planted 23 onion bulbs that we are hoping will grow into plants.


We will visit the garden again over the next few months to see if our onion plants are growing.
We really enjoyed planting!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2015


We are learning the colours in school.

We had so much fun sorting our toys into different colours.
We worked in groups and sorted teddies, shapes, clips and animals into red, green, blue and red groups.
We did a great job working together!