Monday, 22 October 2007

Different homes in our community

About to set off on our walk!!!!

Our class went on a nature walk to look at the different types of homes in our community. We saw many different types of houses: detached, semi-detached, bungalows, apartments and even a tatched cottage. We had lots of fun. We were lucky to meet some builders who were building new houses in Renmore. They told us they were building two new semi-detached houses. We saw the foundation of the houses and the start of the walls. It was very exciting. We really enjoyed house hunting and discovered semi-detached houses are the most common homes in the area we visited.

<<<< Our class beside a semi-detached house in our neighbourhood.
Semi- detached is when two houses are joined together.

Our class beside a mobile home. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A mobile home can be moved to different areas because it is a home on wheels.


Some of our class had never seen a tached roof before so this was their favourite house.

This is the building site we visited.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here we saw the foundations of a house.

We also saw the beginning of the walls of another home.

It stands alone and is not attached to any other house.

There are many different types of homes. This is a lovely website for you to learn more about different types of homes

Autumn Scarecrows

Farmers use scarecrows to frighten crows away from their corn in autumn time.
Crows are fooled into thinking they are people and stay away from the farmers corn.
We made scarecrows to put in our autumn display in our classroom.

If you would like to make your own, here is how we did it:

<<< First we coloured our scarecrows.

Next we cut out our scarecrow's body, arms and legs. >>>>>>

<< We used split pins to put our scarecrows together.
Split pins let us move the scarecrows arms and legs so he can scare off the crows!!

When our scarecrow was attached together we used PVA glue to attach some bright felt patches to his dungerees. >>>>>>

patchy dungarees!!!

We were all really happy with our finished scarecrows.
We think any farmer would be lucky to have them in his corn field!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Welcome everybody to Ms.Gilligan's first class!!!

This year our first class is made up of 11 boys and 11 girls. We have all enjoyed getting to know all our new friends in our class!!
Here you can look at some of the interesting, exciting and fun activities we will be doing through out the year!!