Monday, 22 October 2007

Autumn Scarecrows

Farmers use scarecrows to frighten crows away from their corn in autumn time.
Crows are fooled into thinking they are people and stay away from the farmers corn.
We made scarecrows to put in our autumn display in our classroom.

If you would like to make your own, here is how we did it:

<<< First we coloured our scarecrows.

Next we cut out our scarecrow's body, arms and legs. >>>>>>

<< We used split pins to put our scarecrows together.
Split pins let us move the scarecrows arms and legs so he can scare off the crows!!

When our scarecrow was attached together we used PVA glue to attach some bright felt patches to his dungerees. >>>>>>

patchy dungarees!!!

We were all really happy with our finished scarecrows.
We think any farmer would be lucky to have them in his corn field!!!

1 comment:

Hazel Pagett said...

Well done on your hard work guys and girls - your scarecrows and different types of houses look fantastic. From Glen's mum.