Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Rainbow fish

Our class read the story of the rainbow fish. This is a lovely story about a beautiful fish in the ocean who learns to share and make friends. We all can see how important it is to share and have friends at school.

For art we designed our own rainbow fish and made beautiful scales of all colours to decorate them.

Monday, 28 January 2008


We made beautiful designs using marbling this week. First we got a basin of water and then we added a few drops of marbling ink to the water. The ink is lighter than water so it floats on top of it. We swirled the inks around to make a lovely pattern and then dipped in an A4 page to capture the colour. We have some lovely pictures!!!

Friday, 25 January 2008

Our fish pond!!

We made a maths game for our classroom using magnets!!first we coloured and cut out some fish for our pond, then we wrote a maths sum on the back of each fish

e.g. 20 - 3 = ? Can you work it out???

We stuck a paperclip on our fish. Then we made a rod using a magnet, some string and a stick.

Our game is called "Go fish!" if you catch a fish with a rod and answer the sum correctly you keep it. The child with the most fish at the end wins!!!We had lots of fun playing!!!!

fun with magnets!

We had more fun with magnets this week!!each group was given a box of items such as scissors, paperclips, wool, thumbtacks, counters and pencils.
Each group had to predict whether each item would be attracted to the magnet or not.
When we finished our predictions we used a magnet to test each item.
We guessed correct for alot of them!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Last week we did alot of work with magnets. We explored the classroom to find different things that were attracted to magnets. We know that metal is attracted to magnets and sticks to them. We found lots of things that are made of metal. Here are some of the things we tested.
Can you guess which have metal and which do not????