Friday, 13 February 2009

Learning about air experiment2!!!

We are learning about how hot air rises.

We looked at how a hot air balloon rises up and down.

We used spiral snakes to look at the hot air rising in our own classroom.

We hung some snakes over the radiator. We hung the other snakes over the round table.

We saw that the snakes over the radiator danced when the hot air from the radiator rose up.

Our snakes look lovely and colourful hanging in our classroom now.

Learning about air!!!

We are learning about air. We looked at balloons. When we let air out of a balloon it moved across the room. The air coming out the bottom of the balloon pushed the balloon around all over the place.

Next we made balloon rockets. We were able to control the balloon and get it to travel in a straight line by using string and a straw.

We had balloon rocket races in our classroom. It was so much fun. The rockets moved really fast!

Finger prints!

In science we looked at our fingerprints and handprints. We used bright paint to make our hand prints. It was messy and we had lots of fun! We used ink to look at our finger prints!

Did you know that everybody has a different finger print! Even identical twins have different finger prints!!