Monday, 22 October 2007

Different homes in our community

About to set off on our walk!!!!

Our class went on a nature walk to look at the different types of homes in our community. We saw many different types of houses: detached, semi-detached, bungalows, apartments and even a tatched cottage. We had lots of fun. We were lucky to meet some builders who were building new houses in Renmore. They told us they were building two new semi-detached houses. We saw the foundation of the houses and the start of the walls. It was very exciting. We really enjoyed house hunting and discovered semi-detached houses are the most common homes in the area we visited.

<<<< Our class beside a semi-detached house in our neighbourhood.
Semi- detached is when two houses are joined together.

Our class beside a mobile home. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A mobile home can be moved to different areas because it is a home on wheels.


Some of our class had never seen a tached roof before so this was their favourite house.

This is the building site we visited.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here we saw the foundations of a house.

We also saw the beginning of the walls of another home.

It stands alone and is not attached to any other house.

There are many different types of homes. This is a lovely website for you to learn more about different types of homes

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