Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pancake Tuesday!

Junior Infants are preparing for a very special time of year, Lent.
For Lent we are giving up one of our favourite sweet treats and taking up doing one kind thing for someone else each day.
Before Lent we celebrate Pancake Tuesday, our last day of feasting before we give up our sweet treat.
We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by making our very own pancakes from scratch.

First our class read the recipe and gathered all the ingredients that we needed, flour, sugar, milk and eggs.
Next we followed the instructions together step by step and worked as a team to create the batter. 

Teacher was in charge of cooking the batter.
When the pancakes were fried, we had a big feast.
Everyone had some pancake and their favourite topping.
Now we are ready to begin Lent tomorrow!

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