Thursday, 7 January 2016

Three little kittens lost their mittens.....

We learned a new rhyme today about three little kittens who lost their mittens.

The three little kittens, they lost their mittens, 
And they began to cry, 
"Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear, 
That we have lost our mittens." 

We decided to make some extra mittens for the three little kittens and hang them out to dry!

We used rollers to paint a sky on a large A3 page.

Next we used coloured tissue paper and glue to create a patchwork effect on the mittens.

Then we stuck a real clothes peg on our mitten and glued it to the background.
For a finishing touch we used a snowflake stamp to create snowflakes falling in winter time.

Then we hung all our mittens on our clothes line!
We hope the kittens like them!!!!

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